How to Write a Good Sports Article


Whether you’re writing for a magazine or a newspaper, sports articles require you to have an eye for detail and be able to draw in the average reader. Use clear description, vivid imagery and emotion to hook readers’ interest in your article.

Sports are human activities that involve physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition or social participation where rules and patterns of behaviour governing the activity exist formally through organisations. Sport runs under a system of comparable measures, and judging is subjective or objective depending on the nature of the activity and the rules.

In a competitive sports event, the result of a match (or series of matches) is decided by comparing one person or team to another, and is usually judged by a panel of judges using rules that follow a specific set of criteria. The winner is awarded a prize or trophy, and is deemed to have “won” the game. There are many different types of judging, including “handicaps” and “penalties” that can be used to alter a winner’s score.