How to Write About Sports


Sports are any human activity involving physical exertion and skill, and often include elements of competition or social participation. The term’sport’ refers to any form of organised activity that is recognised and governed by rules, customs or organisational structures.

The sociology of sport focuses on the role of sports in society and how they impact on individuals’ lives. It identifies the way that sports influence a person’s social, psychological and emotional development.

How to write about sports

In writing about sports, it’s important to use original, vivid language that captures the action of the game. Using cliche expressions and words readers already know can drain a powerful sports story of its energy and leave it feeling flat.

How to get started on a sports article

To write an effective sports article, first identify the key facts about the subject and then think about what it means to you. You can choose to focus on a particular sporting hero or an event that has stayed with you long after it happened.

Your hero could be an elite athlete, a schoolfriend or even yourself! Find the qualities that make your hero special and highlight them in your writing.

The societal role of sport is reflected in the various ways in which it is practiced and the attitudes that people take towards it. For example, the Olympic creed “the most important thing is not winning but taking part” expresses a belief that sport should be enjoyed for its own sake rather than to win prizes.