The Definition of Sports


Sport is a physical activity involving human exertion. It is usually competitive and involves the use of skill or talent. Sports are often designed to improve physical ability or skill, and to develop positive body language and a healthy attitude.

The word “sport” is derived from the Old French desporter, which means “to play”. But, in modern English, the word is primarily used to describe a physical activity that involves competition, usually for enjoyment.

A sport usually has rules and customs that govern its activities. These rules are used to ensure that participants have a fair and competitive experience. Some sports have several simultaneous contestants. Others are single-contest sports.

In some sports, a tournament is held to produce a champion. Many leagues make a champion every year by scheduling games during the regular season. They also may hold playoffs for their annual champ.

The concept of a sports record was first introduced in England in the 17th century. This idea of quantifying achievement came in response to the industrial revolution.

The definition of sport varies from culture to culture. However, there are certain principles that are common to all. One of the most important is the principle of equal opportunity. Another is the absence of predetermined results.

Sports are also a great leveller. Players are challenged to develop their abilities, focus on their strengths and never give up.

Sport teaches grace and sincerity in defeat. It helps develop the qualities of risk taking, planning, flexibility and analysis. Lastly, it teaches that you are not always in control of the outcome.